Slag Pavers

Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Growth
by Enterprise Creation through Science & Technology
Based Innovative Solutions (Sub-Sectors: Foundry Waste)

Project funded by National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB)
Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Paver Block Manufacturing Process


Slag Generation

Foundry manufacturers generate slag after the extraction of metals.



Sizing of foundry slag by jaw crusher



Sieving to get appropriate slag aggregates (10-12mm)



Mixing of cement, sand, and slag aggregates through ordinary concrete mixers



Use of appropriate admixtures for controlling water to cement ratio



Molding and compaction of mix through either vibration or hydraulic technique (equipment)


Water Curing

Water curing for 14 days with subsequent atmospheric curing for 7 days


Paver Blocks

Finally, we get the paver blocks.

Our Enterprise Solutions​

1. Sensitization and Awareness Creation

The stakeholders will be adequately informed about the opportunities available in manufacturing and selling the paver blocks made from slag. The precise business proposition and the available support system will be made conscious among the stakeholders including the existing brick manufacturers. They will also be connected to sources of equipment, processes, technical specifications, and service providers who can supply the same are not readily available in the market.

2. Validation and Standardization

The confidence of stakeholders will be strengthened through test results of reliable institutions. The technology to use the foundry waste i.e. slag and burnt sand for making paving blocks and bricks has been devised by Development Alternatives with TARA. Further, the testing of the paver blocks/bricks, for comparing their characteristics to conventional paver blocks/bricks, produced by using foundry waste has been done by NIT, Bhopal.


3. Business Modeling

A customized business plan is developed for all the enterprises that are to be formed or developed under this project. The plan includes the total asset needed, based on the standardized machinery, operating costs and other resources required in establishing paver block/brick manufacturing plant from foundry slag. The business plan will contain the details like different types of value-added products that can be manufactured, investment required, per brick/paver block costing, sources of raw materials, plant layout, infrastructure and financial requirements, calculations of return on investment and payback period, potential market segmentation and overall market analysis, areas of product diffusion etc. The model business plan will then be shared with potential/ targeted entrepreneurs and enterprises to acquire their confidence.

4. Handholding and Monitoring

We will provide Technical Support, Financial and Market Linkages, Regulatory Assistance and other support services to ensure grounding and smooth functioning of the enterprises of our clients. Those will also be monitored for a period for checking anomalies and corrective measures on the need basis.

5. Entrepreneurship Development and Enterprise Assistance

This project encourages in developing the following entrepreneurship programs:

New enterprises

Foundry owners who has a land and uses it to dump the slags from the foundry units can easily setup a paver block manufacturing unit . The accumulation of slag in their foundry enterprise for years and sub-urban foundry enterprises can provide adequate raw material to their new paver block manufacturing unit.

They can setup a paver block manufacturing unit and utilizes the slag dump. This unit can separate around 5% of the metal from the foundry slag through the crushing and magnetic separation process in manufacturing the paver blocks/bricks.

The extracted metal can again be reused. Transporters (Trolly-Wallas) who dump the foundry slags in empty fields can also be one of the very likely investors.

Collaborative/ Group owned enterprises

A community-owned enterprise can be a cost-effective solution. Apart from sharing the investment, it also gives a sense of ownership to the community and also the community will work together for the up-keeping of plant. The local assiciations, BMOs, a group of enterprises, SPVs, and local institutions will be approached for the awareness of benefits of such a preposition.

Existing Brick/Paver Block Manufacturers

The existing manufacturers will also be approached for investment in this proposition.   Since the process doesn’t involve a heavy restructuring of the paver blocks/bricks, our proposals to the manufacturers will be proved as even more beneficial.