Cost Effective Solution


Foundry slag replaces the 8-12mm aggregate that are used in the conventional production of paving blocks. DA research facility at TARAgram in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh has set up a pilot plant for producing paver blocks using foundry slag. This slag paver block manufacturing plant produces paver blogs using slag reducing the cost and replaces the aggregate in all values. The quality of the slag paver blocks are tested at the Advanced Materials Processing & Research Institute (AMPRI) – CSIR Lab at Bhopal. The results were very positive and are higher than those manufactured by using aggregate. They comply with the standards of IS 15658:2006.

Foundry slag paver blocks are the solution to the problems that the environment and the slag dumpers are facing for decades. This innovative and economical production of pavers from slag benefits the slag users by reducing their cost and the environment.


Approved and promoted by the 'Government of India'

Due to its benefits and success, the project was able to link up with the Department of Science and Technology (DST), the Government of India. In September 2015, it started a scheme to establish enterprises to develop paver blocks from foundry slag.  The foundry wastes which are dumped in open space are used for manufacturing paver blocks under the ‘Promoting Sustainable and inclusive growth by Enterprise creation through Science and technology-based Innovative solutions (Sub-Sector-Foundry)’. This project encourages the investors by conveniently forming an enterprise that manufacturers paver blocks from foundry slag.